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If you are currently building a private label brand or if you haven’t started yet but would like to build your own private label brand and you would like to learn how to maximise your sales on Amazon, Expand onto other sales channels and Grow a raving fan-base for your brand then you have come to the right place.


What my life looks like now…

  • I own a multinational physical products brand that I am proud of..
  • I Work full time on my passion…Building my own business.
  • I Develop unique patent pending products that can dramatically improve the quality of life of its user.
  • I have grown my brand from 1 product to 15 products. I have been able to do all of this from the comfort of my own home.

The last couple of years have been incredible but it wasn’t always that way.

If You're Sick Of The Rat Race And Lack Of Freedom In Your Life...

I've been there and I Honestly Know How You Feel!!


You're sick of your working for someone else and building their dream instead of your own dream.

You are settling for working all week to go out and have a fun weekend.

You have no spare cash or freedom to do the things that you want to do in life.

You're looking to build something that you and your loved ones are proud off.

You want to live life on your own terms.

How it began:

Back in 2012 I graduated from university with a degree in business

Upon graduating, I had very little money and I had loans that I needed to pay off.

I studied business & marketing for 3 years and unfortunately, I learned that most lecturers are not very adept in teaching business and, more importantly, they charge a lot to go to uni and study it.

The problem was that the lecturers who were supposed to teach me and prepare me to start my own business had virtually no real business experience them selves, and learned everything that they know about business from an outdated text book.

In fact, I learned more about business in a month after graduating than I did during 3 years of studying it and best of all, I made money whilst learning about business instead of spending money whilst studying it.

After graduating:

The economy was bad and unemployment was high so I moved from home in Ireland to London, UK,  seeking employment. I started working in construction as this was work that I was familiar with and it was easy to get a job.

The work was tough but that was OK. The problem was that I started settling for working all week to go out and have a fun weekend.

Maybe you're in the same situation right now?

I knew it was time for a change.

My side earner:

I started out by purchasing items on Gumtree (Uk equivalent to craigslist) and selling these items on Ebay. It was a part time thing that generated a lot of cash which helped to pay the bills.

As time went on I started selling more and more on Amazon and less on ebay. I soon realised that I could purchase products from Ebay and other ecommerce stores as well as off-line shops and send the items to Amazons warehouse and when they sell, Amazon would send them to the customer. This was a great income boost but it wasn’t something that felt safe enough to leave my job for.

Private labelling:

In 2013, I started my brand building career on Amazon, I done this by finding bestselling products and creating my own private label versions of these products and selling them on Amazon. This is what I call private labeling 101. This was great and allowed me to start the brand that I continue to build today….BUT times have changed since 2013.

The problems with private labelling 101 now:

Profit margins are getting squeezed: This is happening because price is becoming the main differentiating factor between similar products.

Amazon PPC costs are increasing by the day: This is happening because sellers must get attention for their products to generate sales for their generic products. When your product is unique it stands out from the crowd without extensive advertisement.

Customers are not loyal to copycat brands: If your products are the same or very similar to other products on the market why should you expect customers to love your products more than other similar products? Whereas if your products are unique, certain sectors of your audience will love your brand for this exact reason.

Hard to grow your brand off Amazon: It is estimated that 30% of the sales on the internet are made through Amazon. Don’t get me wrong Amazon is an amazing platform BUT if you want to genuinely build a brand that is more than a cash flow business. Then you must grow your brand on other channels as well as Amazon. Trying to convince retailers or distributors that your product is better than a product that looks very similar to is a tough task believe me…I have tried.

Lesson that I learned 

I have learned that if you want to build a genuine brand with longevity, it is important to invest time into creating innovative products. Doing this has had a dramatic effect on my brand and I look forward to helping you to do the same for your brand.

Change of plan that changed my life

I started my Internet brand building career on Amazon 4 years ago, by selling private label products that were copies of bestselling products on Amazon. I would search through the Amazon best-selling product lists on Amazon and find a product that is selling well and has relatively low competition. I would find a manufacturer on Alibaba that manufactures this product and after receiving and testing a sample I would place a bulk order. I done this for almost 2 years and grew my brand to 7 SKU’s. Although I was selling a lot of product on Amazon. I simply wasn't proud of the brand that I was creating and I was struggling to grow my brand to the next level for the reasons outlined below:

  • I was struggling to grow a loyal fan base for my brand.
  • I was struggling to get my products selling on other channels besides Amazon.
  • I was continually having to spend more on advertising to get my products selling on Amazon and to keep them ranked on page 1 of Amazon search.
  • I was in constant fear that my sales on Amazon would dry up and the money that I was making would disappear.

If your brand is not growing then it is shrinking!

I remember feeling like I was building my business on quick sand. It was slowly disappearing and I didn’t really know how to prevent this from happening. It was horrible to feel this feeling of uncertainty and every little set back that I received along the way used to feel like a step closer to failure.

One day while reading my customer feedback on Amazon, I noticed that a few customers had left similar feedback for my product. They said that they were happy with the product but it wasn’t perfect for their specific need. I decided to reach out to these customers and ask them for further feedback. I picked up the phone and I rang them. I took notes on each of the phone calls that I made. It was amazing to hear the feedback that they offered me. They suggested changes to my current product that would make it perfect for what they required it for.

In a bid to give these customers what they wanted. I went back to my manufacturer in China and asked them to make the suggested amendments to my product. A few weeks later I received a small order of 200 units. Not knowing how well they would sell at this point I went ahead and I created a listing for them on Amazon.

It was amazing within 24 hours I had sold one and within the first week I sold 15 of them. This was all with no advertisement and no product reviews and I was selling it for £15 more than the generic version of the product that I initially started with even though it was only costing $2 extra per unit to have it made.

This is when I decided to change the business model that I was following. I vowed from this moment forward, I will not copy an exact product ever again. I am so happy that I made this conscious decision 2 years ago and stuck with it. This has allowed me to create a brand that I am now proud of.

It is much more enjoyable working on my brand since I have started adopting this new business model. I have so much more energy and passion for my business now compared to the business that I was building 2 years ago. 

How one decision changed my business:

My profit has sky rocketed since then. I earn a lot more money from my brand today compared to when I was copying existing products.

2 years since deploying our new business model, my brand is now split almost 50/50 between unique products and products that are copies of other products on Amazon. The unique products that we have introduced have given my brand the boost that it needed to get to the next level.

There is still money to be made with the old business model of finding a hot selling product with low competition and creating your own version of the product. Although from my own experience and speaking with other sellers I believe that this business model is quickly becoming outdated as hot selling product lines become saturated extremely fast. I believe that copycat brands will have a hard time competing with the brands that are creating unique products that add real value to the market place and not just better marketing and images.  

If you don't take action in life-nothing changes!!

I could not be where I am today if I had not taken the action that I took. It's easy to put off taking action and continue saying to yourself someday I will do it and never actually making your move. If you can take anything from my story, then I want you to know that you need to take that first step into the unknown to make any progress. Simply committing to a plan of action and sticking to it every day is how amazing things get created.


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