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How to Claim Amazon FBA Reimbursement

  • Amazon Reimbursements 1.1: Finding Lost, Damaged & Destroyed inventory (See Video and notes below)
  • Amazon Reimbursements 1.2: Formatting data in Excel  (See Video and notes below)
  • Amazon Reimbursements 1.3: Contacting Amazon Excel   (See Video and notes below)
  • Amazon Reimbursements 2: Refunds (See Video and notes below)
  • Amazon Reimbursements 3: Inbound Inventory shipments (See Video and notes below)
  • Amazon Reimbursements 4: Other concessions (See Video and notes below)
  • Amazon Reimbursements 5: Fraudulent returns (See Video and notes below)
  • Amazon Reimbursements 6: Find Overcharged Storage Fees (NEW VIDEO)
  • Amazon Reimbursements 7. Verify Amazon Payments.(See Video and notes below)
  • Amazon Reimbursements 8: How To Make Sure That You Claim All Reimbursements That You Are Owed (See Video and notes below)

What are Amazon Seller reimbursements and how do I claim them?

If you are selling on Amazon, and use FBA to fulfil some of your orders then Amazon more than likely owes you money that they have mistakenly not paid you yet. If you have sold alot on Amazon through FBA then more than likely Amazon owes you thousands in unpaid reimbursement payments.

There is a system that I implement on our Amazon accounts every 3 months. It claims all of the possible reimbursements that we are owed from Amazon. After I highlight these reimbursements to Amazon, they refund our unpaid payments. This usually pays us between £1500 - £3000 every three months and takes 1-2 hours to complete the process. I started implementing this 2 years ago and have reclaimed over £20,000 from Amazon that I would never had received if I had not claimed for these reimbursements. Amazon are not trying to scam you out of money that they owe you. They simply are not aware that they owe you it until you bring it to their attention. I have created a video showing how I claim every reimbursement that we are entitled too.

You can access all of the videos for free by entering your name and email address in the box at the top or the bottom of this page. I will email you the full video guide to reclaiming reimbursement payments from Amazon as well as new reimbursement opportunities that we uncover in the future and we are always finding new reimbursements that we are owed.

Video written guides below each video.

1.0 Amazon Reimbursement Strategy 

  1. Find reimbursements that you are owed.
  2. Claim for these reimbursement payments. 
  3. Set up automated system that finds any reimbursements that you have missed.
  4. Continue to build an amazing brand :).

1.1: Finding Lost, Damaged & Destroyed inventory

Amazon Reimbursement Notes 1.1 Finding Lost, Damaged & Destroyed inventory


1. Hover over the “Reports” tab and select the “Fulfilment” option.

2. After selecting the “Fulfilment” option, the screen below will open. Select the“Show more” link in the left hand column under the title heading, “Inventory.”

3. After you select “Show more” under the inventory section,select “Inventory Adjustments.” This is the report we will be running to decide which items are due for reimbursement.

4. select the “Download” feature, here’s how to finalise that process:
a. Make sure to select “Exact dates” in the drop down for “Event Date.” You want to set your beginning date as the inception of your account and the finish date as of the day you are running through the items. Submit those dates, and then click
“Request Download.”
b. Once you have selected the “Request Download” button, the report will be brought up as shown in the screenshot below as soon as it is eligible for download. You are then required to select the “Download” button next to the appropriate report.

5. Click the “Download” button. There will be a prompt to open a .txt file. Open this. Transferred data into an Excel file.
To do this:
a. Click in any part of the text file, press the control key and A (ctrl+A) This is the keyboard shortcut for select all.
b. When all the data is selected, then press the control key and C (ctrl+C) This is the keyboard shortcut for copy.
c. Now open Excel then click in cell A1.
d. Press the control key and V (ctrl+V) this is the keyboard shortcut for paste.

6. Once the text has been copied to the Excel spreadsheet add filters to the top row of the document. Please see an example of this process in the screenshot below.
a. Click the “Data” tab
b. Highlight the top row by clicking on the number “1”
c. Click the “Filter” button.

7. Once the filters are in the top row, click the drop down on the “reason” column.
a. PLEASE NOTE: The Short hand “reason” code for the excel sort is as follows: Damaged – E, Destroyed – D, Lost – M, Damaged (miscellaneous) – Q.
b. Now select the check box next to E, D, M, and Q. Then click OK.
You should now have a report showing only items that were lost damaged or destroyed. All the units that are displayed now should have been reimbursed. But in my experience only 30% will have been reimbursed and you are still owed for 70%.

Amazon Reimbursement 1.2 Formatting data using excel to submit case

Amazon Reimbursement Notes 1.2 Formatting data using excel to submit case.

1.You should now have a report showing only items that were lost damaged or destroyed.

2. Open a second excel sheet.

3. Cut 5 lines from the first excel sheet and paste it into the second excel sheet.

4. Save the second excel sheet. (save it as sheet 1)

5. Close the second sheet.

6. Open a new second sheet.

7. Go back to excel sheet 1 and cut the next 5 lines and paste them into the new second sheet.

8. Save the second excel sheet. (save it as sheet 2)

9. Repeat steps 5-8 as many times as necessary to get all the data on sheet 1 moved to sheet 2 and saved 5 lines per sheet (save each new sheet of 5 as a new number)

10. While opening cases can take up time, there is a substantial supply of funds that can be retrieved by utilising this simple procedure, so although opening cases of just 5 items can be repetitive; it will ultimately be worth your time!

1.3: How To Create A Case Seller Central Excel Mode

Amazon Reimbursements Notes 1.3: FBA Sellers How To Create A Case Seller Central Excel Mode.

Amazon requires no more than 5 SKUs per case.

1. Whilst in Seller Central, click on the “Help” button located at the top right hand corner of the main screen in seller central.

2. Once this is done, the window shown below will appear from the right hand side of the screen. Click on the “Contact Us” button as illustrated.

3. This presents a new window that requires you to provide detailed information to Amazon regarding the issue(s) you have. a. Firstly, click on “Selling on Amazon”.

4. Secondly, locate your cursor over “Fulfillment by Amazon” and click, followed by the “FBA Issue” button, before finally clicking the “Something else” button.

5. A contact form will then be opened, from which you can select to contact Amazon via Email. Confirm this option by clicking on the “Email” button. The following is a text that I have used when opening a case with Amazon for this issue...

6. You can use this as a template for your message if you wish: Hello, Can you please review the following items and reimburse for the lost/damaged/destroyed units? I have attached a list of 5 items that I believe we have not been reimbursement for. Can you please check this out? Thank you for your help.

7. Enter your Email address.

8. Click send.

9. Repeat until you have cases opened for all of your separate Excel data sheets.

Amazon Reimbursements 2.1: Refunds Amazon Seller Reimbursements 

Amazon Reimbursements 2: Refunds Amazon Seller Reimbursement Notes.

1. Firstly a report must be created. Hover over
“Reports” and click on “Payments” as in the example below.

2. Next the “Payments” page opens:
a. Click on “Transaction View.”
b. If this is your first attempt you will need to reconcile refunds back to the
inception of the account, choose “Custom Date Range” entering
appropriate dates. If this is new to you, enter the dates that match with your previous completion of this process through 2 months prior to the date you are going through the process. It is important to go 2 months prior to ensure that these are the ones that will be eligible for reimbursement. Anything inside 2 months is not yet eligible for reimbursement.
c. Attempt to filter the view by “Refunds.”

3. Once you have selected the “Filter view by” section as “Refund” and the date range that
you want to examine,

4. click on the update button.

5. Now that we have simple access to all the Order ID’s (bear in mind they have been concealed in the video, but should be illegible on your screen), we can begin to see if a reimbursement for the transactions has been received.
a. You should take each Order ID individually, pasting it into the “Find a
transaction” field below the “Transaction view” page in seller central. Note I suggest doing this in a new tab so that the report in step 4 can stay intact.
b. Press the “GO!” button to look into this order.

6. This will open the next page. In this screen you are trying to figure out if the reimbursement has been received. Reimbursements
are simple to find as the product details will say “FBA Inventory Reimbursement,” the
number will be be both positive and blue in colour. If there is no reimbursement under the “Transaction type” here, you will need to investigate further into this order to understand if it actually had been returned to our inventory.

7. The way to be sure an item has actually been returned to your inventory will be:
a. If a reimbursement appears, it means everything has been accounted for
properly, and the client receives the appropriate reimbursement. Begin again at step.

6 with the next order id.
b. Take care when trying to find reimbursements. Try not to just assume the
reimbursement is there because there are 3-4 lines.

8. Open cases for returns that have either not been put back into your inventory or you have not been reimbursed for.

i. Click “Help” in the top right corner of your seller central account.
ii. Click “Contact us” in the bottom left corner of your screen.
iii. Click “Selling on Amazon”
iv. Select “Customers and orders”
v. Paste in the applicable order ID
vi. Select “Return and refund issues”
vii. Select “Other customer and order issues”
viii. Send the text that I have gave you in your resource file for “Return reimbursements”.

Amazon Reimbursements 3.1: How To Reconcile Inventory shipments


 3.1 How To Reconcile Inventory shipments.

1. In seller central click “Manage FBA Shipments.”

2. Scroll down the list of inbound shipments and right click on the relevant consignments.

3. By clicking “Reconcile” for complete deliveries you finish the process. Then move on to the next ones.

4. When you see a difference between items sent and items received then you should reconcile this shipment.

5. In this video you will see how many items were or weren’t shipped compared with what was actually delivered.

a. +1 indicates a delivery query. In this instance it means that you have over supplied. In this case you need to click “Extra Units Shipped”. This in turn acknowledges the fact. At this time the items are added to the inventory and no further action is required. If you didn’t send the addition units click “Unexpected – please research.” The client will then double check the delivery in order to determine ownership or where they should be assigned to.

b. -1 indicates a delivery query and that there is a shortage. In this instance you need to click “Missing – please research.” This is confirmation that you did send the items and that Amazon has either misplaced the units or in fact didn’t receive them. Amazon will now be notified of the situation and they will investigate. In the event that they can’t find the units you will be reimbursed. If however you didn’t ship the items you need to click “Units not shipped.” This is your acknowledgement and Amazon will not take any further action.

6. In the event that Amazon require additional information you will be notified in the “Upload documents” section. In instances where there are 5+ items missing they can ask for copy invoices. Additionally, if the items are over 6 months old you will almost certainly be required to upload evidence. When this does happen we will provide invoices for the relevant units. In turn these invoices will help complete the reconciliation process. It is worth noting that my shoebox account makes it very easy to access receipts and invoices. Furthermore, the documents can be saved as PDFs for uploading purposes with Amazon.

7. In instances where you receive the message “No additional documents required” in the “Upload document” section you need to return to the “Provide additional information” section and follow the process as indicated.

8. The final stage is to select “Preview your request” which in turn will open the tab as shown below. Confirm your selections and click “Submit request.” This generates a confirmation message.

9. If you get the message “Other items to note regarding reconciling inbound shipments”” it means that they haven’t finished the check in process. This in turn means that you have to wait to reconcile the units. If you see “Submitted” in the discrepancy section, this is confirmation that reconciliation is complete.

10. Finally, with all shipment queries you can simply provide the shipment ID in order for them to investigate.

Amazon Reimbursements 4.1: Other concessions

Amazon Reimbursements 4.1: Other concessions notes

1. Hover over reports at the top of your Amazon Seller account and then click “Payments.”

2. Then click on “Transaction View” towards the top of the screen.

3. Then select “Custom date range” and enter in the dates that you want to check through.
I’d recommend going pretty much back to the beginning of your account if you
haven’t done this type of check before. Also noteworthy is this report will only display
600 transactions at a time, so if you have more refunds than this, you will have to either
run this report multiple times, or use date range reports.

4. After you’ve selected the dates, then filter the view by “Refund” using the drop down

5. Then click update to have your search populated.

6. Then click download to obtain a text file with all of the transactions included.

7. Open up the text file, then click anywhere in the text file, hold the control key, and press
“A” (ctrl + A) and this will highlight the entire document.

8. Then copy all of the info in the text file by holding control and pressing “C” (ctrl + C) or
right clicking and selecting copy.

9. Then open up excel or a google spreadsheet and paste the information into the

10. Click on the far left row that has the titles in them.

11. Then go to the data tab and click filter. This will create drop down arrows by each
column heading.

12. On the “Payment Detail” heading use the filter option to show only “Other concession”. You now have the report you need to be able to verify that you have been properly reimbursed for any other concessions. In order to verify these, copy the order number from each order and paste into the payment details section of your account. This can be accessed by hovering over “Reports” at the top of the screen and then clicking “Payments”.
If this shows that there was a customer refund issued for an “other concession” and there was no reimbursement for it, therefore we will need to open a case requesting a reimbursement from Amazon.

To open the case:
1. Click “Help” in the upper right hand corner of your Amazon seller account
2. Click “Contact Us” in the bottom right corner of the screen
3. Click “Selling on Amazon”
4. Select “Customers and orders”
5. Enter the order number and click next
6. Select “Return and refund issues”
7. Select “Other customer and order issues”

8. Enter details and submit case, here’s the text I am using:
The customer was issued a (INSERT AMOUNT) refund for “other concession.” Please issue a reimbursement for this amount.
Best Regards,

Amazon Reimbursements 5.1: Fraudulent returns


5.1: Fraudulent returns notes

• Amazon’s return policy clearly states that items must remain in the initial condition to be refunded/returned.

• Take a short video opening the returned parcel.
• Take a picture of the returned item or as many pictures as necessary to show the extent of the issue.
• Contact Amazon seller support.

• Take a short video opening the returned parcel.
• Take a picture of the returned item or as many pictures as necessary to show the extent of the issue.
• Contact Amazon seller support.

• Take a picture of the outside packaging including label.
• Take a picture of the inside return slip.
• Take at least two pictures of the product. One from a distance showing the entire product and one up close showing any obvious signs of fraud.
• Send these images to seller support as attachments when creating a fraudulent return case.

Start by creating a case.
Click on the “Help” link in the top right hand corner of seller central
Click on the “Contact Us” link in the slide out window on the right hand side of
the screen
Select “Selling on Amazon”
Select “Other issues”
Select “All other issues”
Choose the “Email” tab to contact Amazon
Please review the attached photos and/or video. We have received a
return of (INSERT PRODUCT NAME) that was sold on (INSERT DATE). The returned item wasn’t the same item that we sold.
This is a violation of Amazons TOS and this return should not have been accepted, please reimburse my account for the lost revenue (Insert amount of lost revenue) I appreciate your help in this matter.
Thank you

• Remember that there are fraudulent sellers as well as customers so Amazon does not give reimbursements for this type of case too easily.
• The more evidence that you can give seller support of a fraudulent return, the more chance they have of reimbursing you for your loss.
• Attaching a video opening the returned parcel has always worked for me.
• Just be 100% honest with all of your claims.

Amazon Reimbursements 6: Find Overcharged Storage Fees


Amazon Reimbursements 6: How To Find Overcharged Storage Fees

  1. Check your emails from Amazon for listings that have been suppressed or sent to Amazon FBA warehouses during Q4..
  2. Claim reimbursements for the storage fees charged for these ASINS.


Amazon Reimbursements 7. Verify Amazon Payments


Amazon Reimbursements 6: Verify Amazon Payments notes

Locate order id from Amazon email that confirms reimbursement or from the initial file that you sent to Amazon.

Click on Payments tab.

Enter order id in the text box that asks for order id.

Click go.

See if the reimbursement payment has been added to your payment account.

If it hasn't then re-open the same case with Amazon requesting your reimbursement payment. 

How To Make Sure That You Claim All Reimbursements That You Are Owed


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