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Why You Should Be Selling On Amazon Germany

Why You Should Be Selling On Amazon Germany


Amazon Germany is the new white space for Amazon Sellers. Maybe you already sell on Amazon UK or Amazon US or maybe you are brand new to Amazon FBA and you are wondering which Amazon platform should you start selling on? In this article I explain why you should consider selling on Amazon Germany.

Why is selling on Amazon Germany deemed the new white space?

Germany is the largest European marketplace

In 2016 Amazon Germany showed revenue of €14.1 billion compared with Amazon UK showing £9.5 billion.


Germany Vat threshold

For EU Vat registered companies selling goods over the internet to consumers in Germany, the VAT registration threshold (distance selling) is €100,000 per annum.


Easy to get started selling on

If you are based in the UK simply set up an Amazon.co.uk seller central account and you are good to go and start selling on Amazon Germany. Your products can be shipped directly from the Amazon FBA warehouses in the UK to customers who purchase your products from Amazon.de in Germany or you can locate your products in Amazons fulfillment centres in Germany using Amazon pan-Europe FBA but do not sign up for this programme without reading this article as there are major VAT implications for your business.

If you are based outside of the EU and you want to get selling on Amazon Germany then your best bet is to set up on Amazon UK first and use the unified seller account to sell on Amazon Germany. This article explains how to sell on Amazon UK from the US or any other non-EU country.


Unified account

Like the Amazon.com unified account includes USA, CA, and MX. You can setup an Amazon UK accounts to get access to the other 4 Amazon EU marketplaces. The European unified account includes Amazon UK, DE, FR, IT, and ES.

The big difference between unified accounts Amazon Europe compared to Amazon US is that all of the European countries speak a different language meaning that you must get your listings translated for each European marketplace except Amazon UK as this is in English.

Amazon can translate your listings for you but they do a horrible job at the translation and your listing will not be optimized or read very well in the local language. You should have your listing translated by someone who knows how to create an optimized Amazon listing in the local language. Example Spanish, Italian, French or German.

Selling On Amazon Germany Oopportunity

Why is selling on Amazon Germany an AMAZING opportunity for sellers now?

Amazon Germany (now) reminds me of Amazon UK back in 2015. Customers are starting to flood the platform. Prime membership is going through the roof and sellers are still wondering if it is worth the hassle. As anyone who started selling on Amazon UK or US in 2014/2015 will tell you, YES IT IS WORTH THE HASSLE!

Easy to get ranked – Unlike Amazon.com and some Amazon UK markets, there is not a lot of dominant sellers on Amazon Germany. This makes it alot easier to get ranked for your relevant search terms. Think about it if the sellers on page 1 of Amazon US are selling 30+ units per day then you have to sell 150-200 units per week to overtake them. Whereas in some markets on Amazon Germany there are products on page 1 for pretty high volume search terms selling 3-5 units per day. This allows you to rank on page 1 by selling 20-30 units per week which is very easy to do.  Yes I hear your complaints that although you are on page one the volume of sales isn’t high. That is because you are looking at now whereas you should be looking at 2 to 3 years time. Like on every other Amazon platform sales keep increasing year on year and getting ranked now will stand to you greatly in 2-3 years time when Amazon Germany gets overran with US and UK sellers who want to join the party.

A lot of German sellers are businesses and they are not adequately trained to sell on Amazon – Even if you have been on the most basic Amazon private label course you will be able to identify a good listing from a bad listing. Larger business doesn’t know how to extract the most out of Amazon. They don’t put effort into their sales copy, keywords, images or ranking their products.

OK now that you see what a great opportunity selling on Amazon Germany is, I am going to tell you the one major hurdle and what you can do to simply overcome it.

The language barrier – A lot of sellers that are currently selling on Amazon Germany have listings that have been translated by a robot. These are mainly sellers that are currently selling on Amazon UK and have just opted to have their listings translated by Amazon. These listings don’t read well to a native German speaker and they are not even 10% optimized. If you do go ahead and start selling on Amazon Germany then do it right and hire a native speaker that is familiar with Amazon and optimizing listings to translate your listings. You can get this done for an extremely reasonable rate and best of all your listing will convert like wildfire. This is a Fiverr gig that I am happy to recommend for this service and other Amazon related services https://www.fiverr.com/fastukexpert/write-high-converting-product-listing-in-german-or-french

Yes, there are some additional hurdles but hurdles are good because they deter the people who don’t really want it.

Take advantage of this opportunity before everyone else does and you will reap the rewards for years to come.

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