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How To List Products On Amazon Without UPC Barcode

How To List Products On Amazon Without UPC Barcode

In this post, I give you the exact steps and video tutorial which shows you how to list products on Amazon without a UPC barcode. You may be wondering do you need a UPC code to list a product on Amazon? The answer is no, but if you don’t have a UPC barcode you will require what is called a GTIN exemption from Amazon. Below you will find the exact steps that you must take and below that, you will find a video that shows you to set it all up.

Amazon FBA Inventory Management

Amazon FBA Inventory Management

Amazon FBA inventory management doesn’t get discussed that often but poor inventory management can cost your business a lot in lost profits. Let me briefly explain.

Amazon New Brand Registry 2017



Amazon’s new brand registry programme was just released May 2017.

Please note: If you had previously enrolled in the old brand registry programme then you are not automatically enrolled in the new brand registry programme 2.0.

Amazon Back End keyword Indexing Optimization Tips

Amazon Back End keyword Indexing Optimization Tips

Are your listings still indexed for relevant search terms/ Keywords on Amazon?

Amazon recently changed how it indexes your back-end keyword fields. The maximum number of characters it will index has been reduced to just 250.

Amazon Back End keyword Indexing is easy when you know what you are doing, so let me explain.

Why You Should Be Selling On Amazon Germany


Amazon Germany is the new white space for Amazon Sellers. Maybe you already sell on Amazon UK or Amazon US or maybe you are brand new to Amazon FBA and you are wondering which Amazon platform should you start selling on? In this article I explain why you should consider selling on Amazon Germany.

Pan-European FBA Explained For Amazon Sellers: VAT Warning

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Pan-European FBA allows you to sell your products across Europe, it was designed to help place your inventory closer to your European customers, and this allows Amazon to deliver orders at a lower cost and in less time and Amazon pass on this saving to you the seller. Pan-European FBA allows your products to be eligible for Prime and visible to more customers across Amazon’s European marketplaces. Below I outline the advantages vs the disadvantages of selling with Pan-European FBA and I explain the major VAT implications that registering for Pan-European FBA has on your business.

How To Sell On Amazon UK From USA

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Amazon makes selling in Europe simple for US sellers and in this article, I will help you understand what is required to sell on Amazon UK from USA. I give you a 6 step plan to get you up and selling on on Amazon UK and Europe in the shortest amount of time possible.

EORI Number Explained For Amazon Sellers

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An EORI number is assigned to an individual/company legal identity (i.e. sole trader, partnership, company or individual) by your local tax authority  (so if you’re importing to or based in the UK – by HMRC and that EORI number is then used to identify you and your shipments across any EU country.

It is basically a number given to importers and exporters who trade in Europe and it allows you and your shipments to be easily identified by customs.

Avoid, Amazon FBA Long Term Storage Fees

Amazon FBA Long Term Storage Fees

Amazon applies a Long Term Storage Fee (LTSF) to items that have been in a fulfillment center for more than 6 months. Amazon FBA Long Term Storage Fees are charged twice a year on all Amazon marketplaces February 15th and August 15th.

Amazon Early Reviewer Program For Private Label Sellers


What is the Amazon Early Reviewer Program?

Amazon states that the Early Reviewer Program has been set up to encourage customers who have already purchased a product to share an honest review of their purchase, which will help future shoppers make better purchasing decisions.